Our Process

Our Process

Why Choose Caliber?

Top three most common complaints we hear from people who have gone through the custom building process in the past but are reluctantly considering building again:

  1. Communication with the builder was terrible
  2. It took so much longer than the builder said
  3. It cost so much more than we were told….and our estimate was scribbled on a piece of paper

Building a home designed specifically for you and the needs of your family doesn’t have to be an arduous experience. It should actually be exciting to watch YOUR dream come to fruition. Caliber Customs combines technology, financial and construction expertise to ensure your experience building your home is an experience you WANT to have.


Caliber Customs implements technology by providing a custom, online portal for all our build clients. Each client can download the app to their phone and easily log in to see a full schedule of activities, communicate directly with us with any questions and be alerted when its time to make critical decisions regarding items such as paint color, choosing flooring etc., so the project stays on time and in budget. Our expertise in project management combined with clear communication is critical to keeping the agreed timeline.


Whether you have cash to build, need construction financing or qualify for a conventional home loan but aren’t quite at the level required for a construction loan…Caliber Customs can still help with a myriad of options to choose from.

From concept to design, Caliber Customs will work with you to create exactly what you want and work with you to meet your budget. Caliber provides a detailed project cost analysis and breakdown for your home. We work closely with drafters to bring your vision to life on paper. Clear, concise and transparent construction contracts are important to ensure you and Caliber Customs are operating on the exact same page and client expectations are clearly defined and well managed to avoid the sticker shock of cost overruns!

Frequently Asked Questions

Every future home buyer will go through a similar process. You should first visit with a lender of your choice to discuss your budget and to receive a pre-qualification letter. This will assist you with knowing how much of a home you can comfortably afford. Once you have this information, you are ready to set an appointment with one of our licensed in house representatives, which will guide you through the process of selecting a location, plan, any desired customization. This preliminary construction meeting should be informative, exciting, and fun! You will be provided with a Cost Breakdown form outlining the cost of your build. If you decide to move forward, the same representative will fill out all the needed paperwork (Purchase and Sale Agreement and all accompanying/required documents). When you sign the Purchase and Sale agreement, you will need to be prepared to provide your lender provided pre-qualification letter and earnest money (3% of the cost of the build). We’ll take it from there!

Caliber Customs, LLC does require a construction loan in order to build your home. If you do not have construction loan in place, we highly recommend one of our preferred lenders. Please visit our partners page to select and contact a lender today. This builder will finance the cost to build the home. You will be required to provide earnest money.

Here’s a list of our perferred lenders:

In order to build your home, we will need to redline your plans for any desired customization, have the plans drawn up by a draftsman and possibly have them engineered. Additionally, we will need to obtain a building permit from the City/County, and possibly (depending on the location) obtain approval from the HOA. This process can take as long as five weeks. Once we have a building permit, it will take anywhere from six to eight months to complete your home.

Once you’ve determined the community/location and home plan of your dreams and a Purchase and Sale agreement is in place, you will set an appointment with the office. It’s time to express your unique style and tastes! The office has a showroom with the various options you have to select from and to make your home truly one of a kind. The person assisting you is experienced in design and has personally selected the colors that go into many of the spec homes that Caliber Customs builds.

About a week prior to closing, you will do a walk through of the home with our Job Foreman to develop a punch list of items that need addressed in order for you to agree that the home is completed. The walk through list will be addressed prior to your closing date. The Job Foreman will obtain a Certificate of Occupancy and make sure that the home has passed all required City/County/State inspections and that the walk through punch list items have been completed. Your lender will then call for an appraisal of the home. Next, your lender will set an appointment for you to go to the title company and sign the closing documents. Your lender will transfer the needed funds, and the deed will be recorded. That’s it—you’re ready to move into your new home! (Keys are made available once funding and recording have occurred).

You are not required to utilize a real estate agent in the transaction. However, if you do have a realtor or decide to use an agent, we are happy to work with them to get you into the home of your dreams. We love agents! Remember, a good competent real estate agent works for you.

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